Saturday, January 11, 2020

Dracula kicks off Universal Monsters season Monday!

We here at One Good Scare couldn't be more excited to be returning with another season of the "SEEKING HUMAN VICTIMS" podcast. We teased everyone last week with a 30 minute prologue episode, (numbered Episode 00), that covered the first horror films ever made and the groundbreaking films of the silent era that followed all the way up to the creation of Universal Studios, the impact of the legendary Lon Cheney and the arrival of "the talkie". Tomorrow, the first full length episode hits talking about the first official "Universal Monster", Dracula from 1931. Hours of research went into this one and we do hope you enjoy. We will also chart the timeline of every Universal Horror release in this season even if we don't cover the film, you'll find out what came out in between each release so we get a full picture of the catalog.  We appreciate the love we've gotten for previous seasons, (You've said some particularly nice things about ALSACB - A Friday The 13th Retrospective and Wes Craven Terror Timeline) but of everything we've put together thus far we feel "Universal Monsters" will be our crowning achievement. 

Available at:

and on all other major podcast providers!

You can also head over to for some cool bonus content we're supplementing this season with. Currently available on the $1 a month tier, you can listen to the Dracula episode NOW, nearly 2 days early.

On the $5 a month tier we just uploaded an unboxing video for the Universal Monsters - Essential Collection Blu Ray set. Each week we'll have something new.

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