Sunday, January 10, 2021

SHV - S09E01 - Underworld (1985)

 Shit's been weird lately in the world y'all, so we're just leaning into it in 2021 with one of the most depraved, sadistic & creative writers in horror history. Welcome to Seeking Human Victims Season 9: The Clive Barker Terror Timeline! This is a little different than our previous TT seasons (Carpenter, Craven) in that Barker has only directed a small handful of films so he falls more into that Stephen King category of legendary creators as a writer who's works have been adapted many times over.  

In episode 1, we're looking at Barker's background and early life, his initial fame as a playwright and his transition into literature. The film we're covering was his first work on a film of any kind and he was hired to write the script for director George Pavlou after meeting him at a dinner party. The movie is 1985's "Underworld", and we're not talking vampires, werewolves & Kate Beckinsale but underground mutants, hookers & hoodlums in this late night British cable find!

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