Saturday, April 17, 2021

SHV - Bonus Episode - Interview w JB Destiny (George Romero Assistant '94 to '03) & The Image 987 Crew

 Enjoy this special bonus episode featuring an interview we conducted with JB Destiny, Boomer Payne, Lola Destiny, Blair Morgan, & actor Erik Thompson of Image 987/Cryptic Pictures out of Pittsburgh, PA to talk about their new film "The Dirty Hands Man" which premiered the night we recorded this interview. We'll go in depth behind what went into the making of the film covering the inspirations, special effects, makeup, acting performances and more. 

We'll also talk about George Romero's lost pilot for the Pro Wrestling show Iron City Ass-Kickers, also available from Image 987 and how Dan, JB & Boomer's wrestling careers all at least indirectly intersected at one point or another and they found they all had quite a bit in common, including mutual friends. We'll also get a great George Romero story about what inspired ICA and how George himself was a wrestling fan. This was a great time and we definitely hope to have the Image 987 crew back on. 

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