Sunday, September 13, 2020

SHV - S08E01 - Treehouse Of Horror (1990)

 Happy Halloween from Seeking Human Victims. This year we're celebrating every horror fan's favorite holiday with one of the purest expressions of Halloween and Horror Movie joy ever injected in to pop culture, The Simpson's annual "Treehouse Of Horror" special. We're switching the format up a bit with these and doing them as fan commentaries so we can point to the actual parts in the episodes where the things we discuss take place. First up, the one that started it all, the original 1990 "Simpsons Halloween Special"  featuring "Bad Dream House" , "Hungry Are The Damned" (featuring the debut of Kang & Kodos)  and "The Raven" (narrated by James Earl Jones). These include tons of personal stories on how the episodes effected our lives, lots of off the wall trivia, genuine reactions and we try to point out every reference and explain where it came from, plus a brief history on the show itself and some of the key players behind it. Fire up your Disney +/DVDs/Blu Rays/Virus ridden torrents that you downloaded to your PS3 in 2007/VHS tapes, etc and join us for SEASON 8 - TREEHOUSE OF COMMENTARY. 

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