Monday, January 27, 2020

SHV - S05E03 - The Mummy (1932)

As "Universal Monsters" season continues we're opening the tomb of THE MUMMY (1932) starring Boris Karloff and Zita Johann. We'll discuss how the Howard Carter dig and Tut-mania lead to the first Universal Horror property not specifically based off a literary work, how this is the film that cements Karloff's legacy as the new "man of 1000 faces" as he endures another torturous yet masterful makeup design from Jack Pierce, we'll discuss the contentious relationship between Johann and director Karl Freund, and the vast legacy this film has left behind. Also, for a film as famous as this one is, we talk about how it is kind of surprising that it is often not the one people remember when discussing what they think is the original "mummy". 

Monday, January 20, 2020

SHV - S05E02 - Frankenstein (1931)

"It's Alive! It's allliiiiiiveee!!!" - Ok, so we've been waiting to do that since the season was announced. Season 5 continues our look at Universal Monsters with FRANKENSTEIN (1931). We'll look at how Universal found even greater success with another literary adaptation, compare the differences from the source material, find out what the film added to the Frankenstein lore that most people know today (Spoiler. Almost everything.) The punishment Karloff endured for the makeup. The launch of Jack Pierce as an icon himself and much, much more.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

The monster is alive! Tomorrow on SHV.

Tomorrow we release episode 2 of our journey into the story of Universal Monsters. I've been a fan of these movies since I was an adolescent, and I had a greater than average knowledge of the players involved thanks to some popular library books in the late 80's that talked about the early horror films and monsters in an encyclopedic format. I'd read Bram Stoker's Dracula and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, I've even combed through all of the various horror artifacts at the Universal Orlando Horror Makeup show display, sat through that show several times, gotten photo ops with the characters. I saw The Beetlejuice Graveyard Review on my honeymoon, I've ridden Revenge Of The Mummy about 500 times,  and I've taken a picture of literally every single prop in the Monster Cafe. So I was a big fan, but even with all of that knowledge and familiarity I've been flabbergasted at what truly fascinating stories went into the making of these movies, the lives of the people who did, and just how important these films were to inserting horror into the mainstream consciousness and ensuring that the genre lived on forever. Frankenstein may be my favorite of all of the monsters and a lot of time and care went into accurately telling the story of it's creation, reception and legacy. Please check it out when tomorrow's episode drops!

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Monday, January 13, 2020

SHV - S05E01 - Dracula (1931)

Our journey into the world of horror history and Universal Horror continues full steam ahead  with the first full length episode about one of the most iconic fictional characters of all time, Dracula and the 1931 film starring Bela Lugosi. On this episode we'll learn how original author Bram Stoker didn't see the success of his novel during his lifetime, and how his widow sued the creators of Nosferatu for using the story without permission and how that all leads to Carl Laemmle Jr sweeping in to make the first legally authorized version of the story. 
We'll learn about how Bela Lugosi was NOT the studio's first choice to play the role despite his success playing the character on Broadway, the fascinating tale of director and silent film legend Tod Browning and the rumors around what his level of contribution actually was, the tragic tale of Bela Lugosi and so much more. Dan has gone over hours of material to compile the discussion topics for this season and we're confident Universal Monsters will be our crowning achievement. Tell your friends!!!

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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Dracula kicks off Universal Monsters season Monday!

We here at One Good Scare couldn't be more excited to be returning with another season of the "SEEKING HUMAN VICTIMS" podcast. We teased everyone last week with a 30 minute prologue episode, (numbered Episode 00), that covered the first horror films ever made and the groundbreaking films of the silent era that followed all the way up to the creation of Universal Studios, the impact of the legendary Lon Cheney and the arrival of "the talkie". Tomorrow, the first full length episode hits talking about the first official "Universal Monster", Dracula from 1931. Hours of research went into this one and we do hope you enjoy. We will also chart the timeline of every Universal Horror release in this season even if we don't cover the film, you'll find out what came out in between each release so we get a full picture of the catalog.  We appreciate the love we've gotten for previous seasons, (You've said some particularly nice things about ALSACB - A Friday The 13th Retrospective and Wes Craven Terror Timeline) but of everything we've put together thus far we feel "Universal Monsters" will be our crowning achievement. 

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Monday, January 6, 2020

SHV - S05E00 - The Silent Age (1896-1930)

In this special episode zero, a prelude to Universal Monsters, we'll trace the roots of horror from the silent era, how Carl Laemmle built Universal Pictures and literally created the movie studio system in the process, and the rise of Lon Chaney and how the man of 1000 faces was the first true horror icon. We'll also talk about how the financial woes of the great depression set the company up for an unlikely savior as the new wave of horror films ushered in by Carl Laemmle, Jr, would help keep the studio afloat during the worst financial crisis in U.S. history.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Seeking Human Victims Season 5 - Universal Monsters premiers on January 6th!

Don't miss our special prelude "Episode Zero" on 1/6/19 as we look at the silent film era of horror leading up to the creation of Universal Studios! This is a brief primer to help provide context on how important these films were to cinema.

The first full length episode drops on 1/13 covering the iconic performance of Bela Lugosi in 1931's DRACULA.

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