Friday, July 20, 2018

The first web show announcement is here!

One Good Scare Productions proudly announces "The Art Of Murder" with Todd Johnston debuting on 10/2/18. This is our first in a series of free, "behind the scenes" themed web-shows that look more in depth at our creative process and what we are currently learning. Todd is the master artist of OGS, He handles concept art for short film ideas, he helps with logo and graphic designs, and writes and illustrates several of his own comics. His horror themed works will be released digitally by OGS. He is also collaborating on a yet to be announced horror comic with OGS co-founder Muji Grant. "The Art Of Murder" will show Todd in action as he completes quick sketches inspired by a certain theme. The theme for the 5 episode, Season 1 will be the "Seeking Human Victims" podcast topics and Todd will draw important characters from each film. As a reminder, we just announced last week that "Night Of The Living Dead" will be the first film covered on the podcast, and now also on "The Art Of Murder".  

Monday, July 16, 2018

The Man With No Skin On - by Todd Johnston

As a teaser for this Friday's content release announcement, we give you "The Man With No Skin On". This comic was written and illustrated by Todd Johnston who is one of One Good Scare's most valuable and talented members.  It was originally featured in the 2016 Chattanooga Comix Co-Op Halloween Special. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

"Last Drive-In" With Joe Bob Briggs Watch Party

The OGS crew regularly gets together for film viewings. We enjoy the communal experience of talking about the movies afterwards and feel that is an important part of our education. In fact, immediately prior to the recording of "Seeking Human Victims" we will always watch the film that is featured on the episode together. When the Shudder network announced they were bringing the host of TMC's "Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater" and TNT's "Monstervision" back for a 24 hour marathon it was a foregone conclusion that we would get together as a team and hang as long as we could.

   Since Lonestar beer wasn't an option in TN, we went with an assortment of brewskis and our den mother/co-founder/all around problem solver/makeup artist/podcast and web show host Anni Wilson made some kick ass BBQ Chimichangas. Nobody on the team had ever seen "Tourist Trap" which is what kicked the marathon off and we were all pretty fascinated by it. Chuck Conners from The Rifleman as a cross dressing killer who also has a bunch of evil killer mannequins lying around had to be seen to be believed.
     Shudder certainly had some issues with streaming an event of such a large magnitude and many people were never able to get into the stream which has caused some vitriol to be thrown their way. I think they handled it with pure class. They admitted their mistake. They underestimated the size of Joe Bob's fanbase. They are offering massive free trial promo codes, plus replaying the marathon this week and making all of the content available on demand which they originally weren't going to do.

    We were some of the lucky ones. We had major problems early on but once Tourist Trap got going the stream only seemed to cut out intermittently afterwards and it had no negative impact on our experience. The people on our team who grew up with Joe Bob got to relive a night of wonderful childhood/young adulthood nostalgia. The aforementioned Anni and our special effects rock star Brelyn Casper were both a little young to have experienced Joe Bob, so we didn't really know what their reaction was going to be but they were tuned in and amazed by the Drive In totals and Joe Bob's encyclopedia of horror knowledge and laughing hysterically at his razor sharp wit. We made it to David Cronenberg's "Rabid" and Dan made it to the end of it. We all have busy days today, but are continuing the party on our mobile apps. A fantastic time was had by all and even though he claims this is his farewell, we really hope Shudder continues to work with Joe Bob in some capacity.

Friday, July 13, 2018

The first episode of Seeking Human Victims will be.....

The first content announcement is here!

For immediate release:

July 13th, 2018

Chattanooga, TN based One Good Scare Productions announces that it's first release will be the "Seeking Human Victims" podcast. Debuting on October 1st, 2018, "Seeking Human Victims" will be a dissection of horror films with elements of serious film study, sketch comedy and editorial viewpoints. The first season will be a special look at what we consider the essential films of modern horror, and will consist of five episodes,  taking you inside the education of the OGS crew as they move forward on the long journey of creating a DIY feature length horror film.  It will be titled "Season Zero: The ABC's Of Horror."

The podcast will be hosted by Dan Wilson, Muji Grant and a round-table of OGS crew members including Anni Wilson, Jason Griswold, Todd Johnston, Jeremy Stewart and more. Stay tuned to for the reveal of the topic for episode 1!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Welcome to One Good Scare!

Thank you for visiting OGS Productions. We are a brand new indie horror production company out of Chattanooga, TN launching on October 1st. Our goal is spotlighting creator owned horror content on a variety of media platforms. Be on the lookout for content announcements starting this Friday the 13th!

The concept comes from the mind of "Reverend/Dragon" Dan Wilson. Wilson is best known from his near 20 year career in professional wrestling both behind the scenes and as an on camera performer. He is an award winning writer, manager, podcast and television host, the nephew of late pro wrestling legend Gypsy Joe, a member of multiple Halls Of Fame and is credited for naming mutli-time WWE Champion AJ Styles "The Phenomenal One". He has written, directed, produced and performed on a multitude of syndicated and streaming wrestling TV shows and live events over the years. After accomplishing most everything he set out to do in wrestling, Dan is closing the book on his life's work up to this point in favor of a new journey.

"A lot of people think I'm absolutely out of my mind, but I'm pushing 40 and I still have a huge bucket list of things I want to accomplish as the realization of mortality comes into view. Wrestling was one of them and it was a wonderful journey, but it is now time to see if I can do it all over again in a different field. " said Wilson.

Dan and his life-long best friend Muji Grant have long dreamed of making a horror movie. Neck and neck with pro wrestling, horror is an obsession they have shared most of their natural lives and the goal to just create something within that genre probably predated their goals to run wrestling events. But with OGS they have gone beyond the desire to just create something. They have collaborated with a number of talented artists and dear friends to create many things on many different multi media platforms. This will be a journey in DIY horror from the ground floor up that has been in preparation for nearly a year. So back to the first sentence of this paragraph, the ultimate goal of OGS is to one day create a feature length film. That isn't an endeavor to be taken lightly. What better way to learn how? Start creating. From short films, to podcasts, to web series, to comics, we're putting it all out on front street and are confident that the experience we gain while creating this content will ultimately lead us to our end goal.... AND we're taking you all along for the ride. Buckle up and stay tuned as OGS brings you horror for the eyes, ears and the mind! 

- The OGS Crew 

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