Sunday, January 3, 2021

SHV - Bonus Episode - 2020 Year In Review

Here is a special bonus year in review episode before we kick off Season 9 next week. 

A couple of disclaimers: 

- This episode is just Dan who recorded some quick, informal thoughts on the year. These are Dan's opinions and are his alone and don't necessarily reflect the rest of the Seeking Human Victims broadcast team or One Good Scare Productions as a whole. He talks about the various OGS projects and accomplishments that 2020 brought, goes over what his favorite movies of the year were, and pays some tribute to his fallen friends from the wrestling business. 

-  Dan totally forgot to mention the movie "HOST" from director Rob Savage. It was THE film of the pandemic and captured the isolation and dread many of us were feeling. It was even recorded entirely on Zoom! That was another of his favorites of 2020 and is also streaming on Shudder. 

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