Sunday, August 29, 2021

SHV - S12E01 - The Howling (1981)

 Welcome to the landmark 12th season of The Seeking Human Victims podcast. This is a "Spin off" season, going back to our wildly popular "Universal Monsters" season where the modern movie monster template was created and will be an annual feature here on the show.  Last year we looked at the children of "Creature From The Black Lagoon" with Season 7 - Aquatic Horror Beach Party, but now things are getting hairy! It's WOLFAMANIA brother, and the first begotten son of Lon Chaney Jr is the Werewolf craze of 1981 as we revisit the "Piranha" team of director Joe Dante and writer John Sayles for what is still regarded as one of if not the best werewolf films of all time....1981's THE HOWLING!

Plus we're always bringing the spooky jams....our musical guest this week all the way from Sweden are death metal ass-kickers RIBSPREADER with their track "The Bone Church" off the new comp "Death Metal Power From Beyond" out now from Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.  (Ribspreader appears courtesy )

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