Monday, December 18, 2023

SHV Christmas Special - Silent Night Deadly Night 3 - Better Watch Out! (1989)

 The annual Seeking Human Victims Christmas special has returned for '22 continuing our Silent Night Deadly Night tradition, finally!!

Tonight we give you the final chapter in the original killer Santa story, Silent Night Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out!, continuing the story started in the first film but now we have psychic powers and Bill Moseley. Directed by Monte Hellman, and also starring Samantha Scully, we dig into this polarizing straight to video classic(?). 

Plus musical guest Christophe Murdock & The Love Donations return after a couple of years to perform a holiday classic (available at

Special thanks to Executive Producer Patron Casey Oliver, and a big thanks to all Patrons who've supported us in 2022. Season 16 - "The Devil Made Me Do it" debuts Monday, January 2nd. 

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